Please join us for our annual Spring Brunch. Our theme this year is, “‘Tis so Sweet” and our guest speaker is our own Sally Betters. Please RSVP Below!

One of our goals in our vision for Women’s Ministry at Pine Mountain Bible Church is to develop a caring community of women devoted to Christ through Real Relationships — significant and deepening relationships with one another.  A fun way we can begin is with our Prayer Sister gift exchange:

  • Bring an unwrapped jar of jam, jelly or honey. 
  • Put your name, email and cell phone number on a piece of paper in an envelope.  Also write a word or paragraph to let your sister know about something you struggle with and would like prayer for.  Examples are: anxiety, health, finances, children, work, growing in faith, obedience and motivation.  Seal the envelope and tape it to your jar. 
  • Each person will take a jar home.  The person whose name is attached to your new jar will become your “Prayer Sister.” You will think of her every time you make your morning toast!  Please pray for her and send her emails and texts of encouragement. Your new sister will do the same for you!

Tips:   Choose something you would like to eat.  There are some great new natural products on the market! Please make sure to check expiration dates.

Please bring a brunch food item to share!

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Please join us for the Ladies Spring Brunch on May 2, 2020 at 10:30 a.m. at the Caprarelli's. The address is 1720 St. Anton Drive in PMC. Please bring a brunch food to share. Please bring a jam or honey for the Prayer Sister exchange.

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