Christ the Center – An Advent Message

An Advent message about Christ as the Center of Life and Scripture, a message that encourages the Life of Christ to be realized, not just during this season, but in all the mundane elemental...


PREMISE: Only the forgiven can truly forgive. And the converse is true: Those unwilling to forgive must wonder what it is to be truly forgiven by God.

Hope – Living & Enduring

A real hope is a hope beyond the brokenness of this world... In Christ, we have a "living hope". A real hope is also able to endure suffering, a hope that speaks into the...

Crucified with Christ

What is life… really? And isn’t it paradoxical for Christians to claim that life follows death? What is the significance of this “crucified with Christ” phrase?

Proverbs – Living Rightly

Wisdom is the path through which a wise decision is made. Wisdom leads us beyond what our desires are. We don't become wise out of a casual relationship with God. We become wise as...